Monday, January 8, 2018

Crosby-9 Months

Girlfriend finally got her bottom 2 teeth in. They came in right at she was turning 9 months old. She isn't really trying to crawl or pull herself up yet. I really thought she would be more interested in it, but shes not. She doesn't love the jumperoo. She has zero problems getting around though just by rolling.

Her thighs are so thick and I'm loving it after Baylor's scrawniness.  Somehow she is still rocking the size 3 diapers. No idea on weight, but probably around like 20lbs. Her 9 month check up isn't until after she turns 10 months because our pediatrician wanted to see her after her next urology check up.

Pictures from the past month:

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Target Christmas Clearance II

Once things went 70% off I hit up a couple of different stores.

 Star Wars PJ (70%)-$3.60
Joy Santa Baby Ste (70%)-$2.99
Girls Pj Set (70%)-$4.60

 Cat & Jack Socks (70%)-$1.50

 Hair Bow Sets(70%)-$1.50

 Cat & Jack Undies (70%)-$1.50
Santa Onesie (70%)-$1.79

 Holiday Dress (70%)-$4.49

 Pyrex (70%)-$1.79

 Holiday Bracelet/Earring Sets(70%)-$1.50
Lip Smackers Set (70%)-$3.00
Socks (70%)-$1.50

 headband sets(70%)-$1.50

 Febreeze(70%)-$0.62 There was a 30% off cartwheel for these also
Hearth & Home Thermos(70%)-$7.49

 Invisible Ink Sketch Pads (70%)-$1.49

 Burts Bees Chap stick duo (50%)-$4.49
Burts Bees Face set (50%)-$4.99
Burts Bees Chap stick trio(50%)-$4.99

 Chalkboard stands (70%)-$0.90 I got these to use at the kids birthday parties to label food and stuff.

Febreeze Candles (70%)-$1.04 I also had the 30% off cartwheel coupon. Plus a $1 off coupon so I actually ended up getting one of these for free. 
Baby First Christmas Book (70%)-$ 1.49

Once things hit 90% it was game on!! Especially for the socks and underwear. I picked up several packs for my friends too. 

 Socks (90%)-$0.50 4pks!!!

Christmas plaid banner (90%)-$0.30
Christmas clothes pins(90%)-$0.10
Paper Clips (90%)-$0.10
Magnetic Pom Pom Wire (90%)-$0.50

Stretchy guys (90%)-$0.10
Stamps (90%)-$0.10

 Snowflake Chandelier (90%)-$0.80
Be Merry Balloons (90%)-$0.70

 Wet Brush (90%)-$ 2.99
Christmas Shirt (90%)-$0.89

Reynolds muffin liners (90%)-$0.29

Underwear (90%)-$0.50
Hair bows (90%)-$0.50
Necklace/Earring set (90%)-$0.50