Thursday, March 8, 2018

Crosby-11 Months

Crosby can crawl!!! She is also pulling herself up somewhat. Still only has her bottom two teeth, but I think her top two are pretty close.

Still in 9 month clothes and moving into some 12 mo stuff too. Wearing size 4 diapers now. Still has small fat feet, just like carson always did.

Here are some pictures from the past month:

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Target Valentines Day Clearance

I waited until things were 90% off to pick anything up this time!!

Sticker books (90%)-$0.10
Window Clings (90%)-$0.10

 Sticky Hearts (90%)-$0.30

 Scented Erasers (90%)-$0.10

 Matching Card Gift Packs (90%)-$0.40

 Imagine Ink Pads (90%)-$0.49

 Hearth & Hand Serving Dishes (90%)-$2.49

 Hearth and Hand Short Vase (90%)-$1.69
Hearth and Hand Large Vase (90%)-1.89

 Hearth and Hand Serving Bowls (90%)-$1.99

 Valentines tattoos (90%)-$0.30

 Hearth and Hand Candle Sticks (90%)-$0.39

 Card Kit (90%)-$0.50

 Metal tin (90%)-$0.40
Metal Pins (90%)-$0.39

 Tablecloth (90%)-$0.30

Crayola Markers (90%)-$0.39

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Crosby-10 Months

Girlfriend is rolling all over the place and so close to crawling. She can move from from laying to sitting up on her own now, which is so nice because she hated getting stuck laying down. I can't say it enough, but she is just the happiest baby ever.

She finally had her 9 mo appointment and she weighed 19lbs 5 oz (60% ) and 27.5 inches (25% ). Still in size 3 diapers and 6-9 and 9 mo clothing. Her hair is really starting to grow and she is getting little curls in the back now.

At her urologist appointment we found out there hasn't been much change in regards to her VUR, but they did end up changing her medications up to hopefully clear her up diarrhea. So now she is on daily Bactrim instead of amoxicillin. They prescribed her an infant probiotic too. She also had her first ear infection right before we saw her urologist. We go back in August to repeat all her tests including the big VCUG which is the true indicator of how her VUR is doing. Since it involves radiation they only like to do it once a year though.

Pictures from the past month: