Sunday, July 16, 2017

Target Summer Clearance II

Once things hit 90% off I was on the hunt for more pool  floats because we go through them like crazy.

Pool Float(90%)-$2.99

Sunscreen(90%)-$1.41 There was also a 5% off cartwheel coupon for these because they should of been $1.49.

Method Hand Soap(90%)-$0.34
Waterproof Uno Cards(90%)-$.99 Not sure if we will actually use these by the pool or not, but I figured why not buy them.

Crayola Colored Pencils(90%)-$.99

Plastic Light up Footballs(90%)-$.99

Pool Floats(90%)-$1.99
Camp Chair(90%)-$0.99 I forgot to take a picture of it. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Target Summer Clearance

So I kinda of forgot about summer clearance stuff until the last day of 70% off. I was still able to find some things though.

Plastic Tablecloths (70%)-$0.90

Star Paper Plates (70%)-$0.45
Stripe Paper Plates(70%)-$0.60

Led Light up Balls(70%)-$3.89

Sidewalk Chalk(70%)-$2.99  I may be donating this to Carson's Preschool class, because we still have a ton at home.

Pop up Shelter(70%)-$8.99 This will be great for next summer for crosby to sit under at Hendrix's baseball games

Camp Chairs(70%)-$2.99 We could always use more of these.

Pool Floats(70%)-$5.99 We go through pool floats like crazy so cheap floats are welcome plus my kids have been begging for some food floats for a while now. 


Crayola Colored Pencils(70%)-$2.99

Method Hand Soap(70%)-$1.04 I think I'm going to give a couple of  these to the kids teachers on the first day of school with a cute note.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Crosby-3 Months

Holy Cow how is she already 3 months old??? She has started "talking" and "cooing" Along with smiling pretty often now. She has a melon head like her brother and seems to also have a long torso like him too. Some of her 3 month sleepers are already starting to get a little too short for her.

She has been sleeping 11-12 hours a night and we just recently moved her out of the pack and play into her crib. Still sleeping in the Dock-a-tot though.  She is still in size 1 diapers, but we are getting ready to move her to size 2 once we use up all of our size 1's.

Pictures from the past month:

First night in her crib. 

So happy. 

Love talking to baby Crosby. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Mammoth Cave National Park

We got to the lake house we were renting on Nolin River Lake in Kentucky in the late afternoon. After we unloaded the car we back tracked into town to grab some dinner ans stock up on groceries for the week.

Tuesday we headed to Mammoth Cave National Park to start exploring and gather information on everything the park has to offer. After dinner we had a bonfire and did some sparklers with the kids.

Just chilling. 

Finally not afraid of sparklers. 

Wednesday we decided to rent a boat for the day. The kids had a blast and loved it and we spent a good 6 hours having fun.

She actually didn't mind wearing the life jacket one bit. 

Thursday we headed back to Mammoth cave after a brief stop by the Dam to check it out. We hiked several different kid friendly trails. Then it was supposed rain (and eventually did just much later than originally forecasted) so we headed to Bowling green which was about 30 minutes away to watch the Despicable Me 3.

Looking over at the base of the dam. 
Getting Ready for our first hike. 

Before we headed to the movies after getting cleaned up. 
She loves to hold her hand. 
My kids loved the first Nut Job move and are excited for the new one. 

Friday we decided to rent a boat again because the kids had so much fun on Wednesday. We ended up spending 7.5 hours out on the boat.

Saturday we had a cave tour schedule in the morning. After naps we had another bonfire and did sparklers again. 

Sunday we headed back to Bowling Green to visit the Corvette Museum. It was pretty cool, although kids weren't huge fans, but Robby and I wanted to go. Then we had lunch at Double Dogs.

Monday we headed to the Tennessee and Kentucky border to meet up with my dad and send Hendrix with him for the next two weeks. Carson got dropped off outside of Louisville with my mom for a week of adventure with her. So that took us down to two kids. Which was pretty nice because we got stuck behind a semi fire on the interstate and sat in one spot for 3 hours.

Baylor went a little crazy while we were stuck on the interstate.