Friday, May 18, 2012

Making Strawberry Jam

Today I made Strawberry freezer jam...46 jars to be exact. Yesterday my friend Kate and I went to Spencer Farms to pick our own strawberries. Once my cardboard flat was a little over half way full I thought that we had enough from experience. Kate wasn't sure so we ended up with 2 flats overflowing....equaling 26lbs of strawberries.

 I probably only needed about 10lb of strawberries to make all the jelly we would need for the year along with a few jars to gift. So yea now I have tons of strawberries left. I'm sure I will end up making more jelly along with eating lots of strawberries over the next couple of days.

Strawberry freezer jam is super easy to make. You only need three ingredients strawberries, lots of sugar and some sure-jell.  Inside the sure-jell box is recipes for every kind of fruit jelly, so I'm not going to re-post the directions. But below are some pictures of the each step in the process. The only thing I do different than the written directions is use a blender instead of a potato masher, since I don't have one. I just put about a cup of strawberries in the blend and pulse it 3-4 times to mash my strawberries.

All the strawberries

Empty jars

Jam mix before going into the empty jars

You get about 5 8 ounce jars per batch.

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