Thursday, June 28, 2012

18 Weeks

Carson Leighann Pruett

It's a GIRL!! We got good news and bad yesterday. Obviously we found out the gender so that was exciting. Robby was very shocked it was actually a girl. During our ultrasound the tech said the baby was measuring very small and she was having a hard time getting measurements. Before we even went I looked back at Hendrix's ultrasound pictures from this stage and his pictures were so much more detailed then what we were seeing during the ultrasound this time around.

Afterwards I had my appointment with my doctor. She said she was a little worried cause the baby was measuring so small and I was very positive as to when my last menstrual period was since we had been trying.  She ended up taking blood samples and will be running this Low/High risk test for like 50 different diseases.  If anything comes back high risk then I think the next step is amniocentesis??  Also since the baby was measuring so small I will have another more indepth ultrasound at my next doctors appointment in 4 weeks.  A few positives... although the baby is small she is symmetrical(both her head and body are at the same spot) and I have been feeling movement.

Since we are having a girl we are going to do a separate girl themed nursery which means we are going to sell all of our guest room furniture along with a whole bunch of other stuff in our community yardsale on July 7th.

We sent flowers to my parents to announce the gender of the baby since they both live out of state. 
The flowers I sent to my step-mom.

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