Friday, June 22, 2012

Garden Update

I thought I would give a little update on our garden.

Right now our green bean plants are starting to blossom and will soon have tiny green beans on them.

There are actually already some green beans that could be picked, 
but not enough for me to get out there yet.
We have three rows of green beans total.

Most of our tomato plants are loaded with small green tomatoes.

This picture makes them look small, which is not correct at all.
They are actually up to my chest. We have 16 tomato plants.

Our pepper plants
We actually have about 10 pepper plants.

We lost one of our two zucchini plants. The one we still have living is getting ready to flower.
There is actually one small zucchini on our plant now.
One row of our 4 rows of corn was destroyed by our neighbors. Their kids are constantly jumping our privacy fence to get a ball or just destroy our property in general. They trampled one complete row and a few stalks of another. We have had several chats with their parents, but things haven't improved....still working on solutions. The remaining corn is about 6 feet tall and getting ready to tassel.
See what I mean about most of our corn being knocked down.
It's easily over 6 ft tall, since our fence is 6 ft tall and most of
it has been knocked down.

Our second batch of corn is about waist high.

Our cucumber and watermelon plants we are training to grow up a lattice from pots we have on our deck. Both are doing well and the cucumber plants are starting to flower.
cucumbers. I self pollinated a few this morning.


The cantaloupe plant is also doing well in its pot and has started to flower also.



  1. You and Robby need to get a bigger place in the country as much as you guys enjoy gardening. I can see you setting up a garden shed with the works. I'm impressed with what you two do with your small space.

    1. Thanks we do eventually want to move out aways and build a house on 3-5 acres, but probably not for about 5 more years.