Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help Wanted

Ok Moms, I need some suggestions on a couple of things..

First up double strollers!! We have a chicco infant seat so we need a stroller that this can snap into, because I'm not buying a new infant seat. I have looked at the chicco double stroller online, but it left a little to be desired, although I may love it more in person. Also Hendrix will only be 18 months when the new little one arrives, so we need a stroller with an actual seat that he can be strapped into since he is a spider monkey.  I think my only other actual requirement is a large cup holder for all the McDonald's large Diet Cokes I will be drinking with two kids under two. We will be going and test driving strollers in person soon to  help narrow down which one we want, but that doesn't compare to actual in the field use.

The only double stroller I know that will not work for us is the type below. You can snap a infant seat into it but it goes in the "upper" seat area so that leaves your toddler staring at the bottom of an infant seat. Which also results in there essentially being no basket because your toddler's feet are in it. The only other option is to transfer your infant out of its car seat into the "lower" seat, so then your child is basically riding on the ground. Hope you don't hit any bumps!!

Britax B Ready Double Stroller

Next, I need a bigger diaper bag. Currently we have two: a chicco one, which is what we send to the sitter's and then a skip hop one, which is our everyday one. I like them both for different reasons. The chicco one has more pockets, which is great for my organization obsession Overall though the bag is on the small side. Our skip hop one is larger and expands as you stuff more stuff into it, but with very little pockets. Also the opening across the top is small so it is hard to find things at the bottom, since the bag tapers in towards the top.

Chicco Bag
Skip Hop Versa Expandable Diaper Bag - Black
Skip Hop Bag
My only requirement on diapers bags is lots of pockets and the opening at the top must be the same length as the bottom of the bag (the bag can't taper towards the top). Other than that I'm not picky about color because no matter what color it is Robby will complain about.

Any other suggestions on good baby gear is welcome, although I'm sure we have it all...Lol

Also, We have finally settled on a boy and girl name. I just can't walk out of the ultra sound with no name attached to the baby once I know the gender...Type A at its best.  Let the countdown begin!!

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