Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Season Has Begun

On Saturday was my cousin Kristina's wedding, it's the first of many we will be attending this summer. Sadly we had to leave early since Hendrix was being difficult since he has already been up for 2 hours past his bedtime. He did enjoy the dance floor while he was there though.

Here's a few pictures...
During the ceremony

Hendrix didn't want to participate in our family photo.

My mom and her boyfriend Chuck.

Hendrix with his nana.

Hendrix's great great-grandma Jones. She will be 99 in August.

My cousin Kendra (sister of the bride)
My cousin Kayla (sister of the bride)

Kristina and Josh

My aunt Debbie dancing with her grandchildren.
 I think they were trying to trip her most of the time.

Me with the bride.

Hendrix and Robby

Kendra with her boyfriend Jonathan

Kayla with her boyfriend Jeremy

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