Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 Weeks

So right baby Carson is supposed to be about the size of a banana, but since she is measuring small who knows how she measures up against that. She has been moving so much more now. Anytime I put any pressure on her even if its just leaning against a counter she starts kicking like crazy. This makes me thinks she likes her own space..just like her momma.

We go back to the doctor in exactly one week for out in depth ultrasound.  I've been feeling pretty good for the most part. The only complaint I have right now is I have had two terrible muscle cramps in my left calf.  These bad boys are not for the weak. Both times I was sleeping and woke up screaming. I only had one with Hendrix about this time also so hopefully I just hit my quota for muscle cramps with Carson.

Robby is starting on her room this weekend, while I'm gone to my friend Anna's bachlorette party at French Lick Casino.  We are removing the carpet in both Carson and eventually Hendrix's room and putting down the same wood floor that we put in our living room and hallway.  We are also putting in ceiling fans in both of their rooms. We have been planning on doing this for a long time, but just now have gotten around to it. When we bought out house it had no ceiling light fixtures installed  in any of the rooms, so we have slowing been installing ceiling light fixtures.  I don't understand how anyone ever thought just plugging in a lamp would provide enough light for an entire room.

Some of the bedding I ordered also got shipped this week, which is awesome since it was supposed to be on back order until mid or late August. Once it gets here we can pick out some matching paint. I'll do a video nursery tour at some point, along with lots of pictures.

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