Wednesday, July 25, 2012

21 Weeks

Carson's Face

Carson's Foot

Today our ultrasound went great. They took a look at her heart and her kidneys along with some other things. Sadly they didn't give us any pictures from that part. It was in color so they probably couldn't of printed them out.  She is still measuring on the small side (about 2 weeks late). She weighed in at 14 ounces and her heart rate was 147. The doctor is going to do a repeat growth scan again I believe at my 28 week appointment. Next appointment I have my glucose test, which I failed the first time around with Hendrix and had to do the three hour one. Hopefully this time around I pass on the first try.

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Also I had a girl I went to high school with make Carson this owl hat to match the one she made Hendrix last year. I'm picturing two naked babies wearing matching owl hats...we will see how cooperative Hendrix is with this vision.

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