Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DIY-Fall Tulle Wreath

I saw a wreath similar to this one for sale on Etsy for $50. I bought all the supplies for about $20 (all from Jo-anns) and I even had extra tulle left over, which I'm going to use for something else. Plus Jo-anns always has coupons you can use.

-1 yard each of 7 different colors of Tulle ( I used maroon, brown, shiny tan, orange, shiny orange, light yellow, dark purple) I also wanted a golden yellow, but they were out.
-15 in green floral Styrofoam ring
-Ribbon (optional because depending on your door hook you could just hook the ring onto it instead of using a ribbon loop to hang it by).
-Wooden letters
-Paint for your letters

First I cut the into about  1 1/2 ft long pieces and about 3 inches wide. I didn't actually measure the tulle because its not the easiest thing to cut.
Just ignore the 8,000 toys in the background.

I didn't end up using most of the ribbon in this picture
because I didn't think the wreath needed it.

Then I folded the tulle in half and placed it around the Styrofoam ring. Take both ends of the tulle and pull it through the "loop" that is created where you folded the strip in half and pull tightly around the ring. If you want extra security you could place some hot glue where you have pulled the tulle tight, but I don't think its necessary because when you pull it tight it "bites" into the Styrofoam a little bit giving it a good hold. Just continue this all the way around the ring alternating your colors. You can go back at the end and fill in spot if there is any of the ring showing through.

Then I painted the wooden letters of our last name with brown paint. I thought about maroon or purple but I thought the brown stood out the most against the tulle.

Then I arranged them a couple of times until I got them how I liked them and then I glued them down with a hot glue gun.  Last I used the orange ribbon I bought to make a loop to hang the wreath on our door hanger.

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