Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anna's Wedding

Sunday Robby and I went to one of the best weddings we have ever been too. You could just tell everyone was having a blast. I guess I should start this out saying that my friend Anna is Jewish as is the guy she married Matthew. 
Anna & Matthew

Robby & I

Me, Maria, Leah, Allie & Momo

Majority of the ceremony was in Hebrew so I wouldn't say I exactly knew what was going on, but I did get to yell Mazel Tov which is all that matters.  The whole day I hadn't been feeling well and having an occasional contraction so I didn't really dance at the wedding, but I love to people watch so I was OK with it.  The food was delicious and the company was great to sum it all up.

I love this video. All the older people were so into dancing
and knew the words even though the song is definitely from my generation.
Bridal Party

Pi Phi's

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