Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Carson's Nursery Part III

We got a lot done this past week in Carson's room. We finally got the walls painted with some help from our neighbor Joy. Afterwards Hubs put up the new trim.
Only one wall is the mustard color and the rest is gray.

I also got the letters spelling out her name painted. Robby just has to attach the sawtooth hangers on the back.

Took four coats to cover these completly.
Then we installed the closet organizer so we could finally start sifting through all the stuff that we have been given and bought thus far.
Empty..soon to be full
Most of her clothes. These cloths range from NB to 9 months
so there isn't as many as there appears to be.
Cute Chubby baby helping organize.

Also all these pictures were taken on my Iphone so they aren't the best quality and don't really represent the true paint colors in the room.

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