Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY-Entry Way Bench

Entry Way Bench

We don't really have a legit entry way at our house. Basically you walk in the front door and you are in our living room, which should really be called the room that houses Hendrix's 8000 toys. Right behind our front door is a small coat closet where we attempt to store shoes. We also have a little boot tray for wet items that currently sits on a rug. I wanted to buy or make a little bench to sit on to take your shoes off and kinda of be a catch all for purses and such when we walk in the door. I decided to make a bench since all the bench's I found were way too big for the space.

4 wooden legs (lowes)
Walnut colored Stain (lowes)
4ft 1 x 12 Piece of wood (lowes)
4 Lag Bolts (lowes)
Staple Gun (already owned)
Skill Saw (already owned)
4 Felt Pads
Fabric (Jo-anns)
Batting (Jo-anns)

I enlisted the Hubs help on this one to do the staining and wood cutting. He stained the wooden legs and cut the 1 X 12 down to 30 inches long. He then attached the legs with the lag bolts. You may have to cut down your legs depending on how tall you want your bench to be. We wanted ours to be pretty tall so Hendrix wouldn't climb all over it.
Hubs cutting the board
The stain we used. 
Picture of the top of the bench where Robby used the Lag Bolts

After Robby attached the legs I cut the cushion to size. I had to use two separate pieces, which I would have preferred not to do. I had originally bought a whole yard of fabric, but I only ended up using about 1/2 yard. I cut the fabric down to size allowing about 6 inches along each side to pull underneath the bench to staple after ironing it to get all the creases out.

Foam Padding

Padding cut to size

2 inch thick padding

Fabric draped over the bench.

Then with Robby's help we centered the padding on the fabric then the bench upside down so we could easily pull the fabric tight to the underside to staple. The corners are the trickiest part. I cut off as much extra fabric as I could and then kinda of rolled the extra fabric that was still there and then stapled it on the edge.

Partially stapled down.

Then we added the felt pads to the bottom of the legs to keep it from scraping our wood floor.

Finished Bench!!!

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