Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Recap

What a great long weekend..

Friday morning I had my dreaded 3 hour glucose test which I passed with flying colors. Then I got a pedicure to reward myself...Haha
Friday night I headed to the Indians game with my friends Kate and Madeline from work and watched some sweet fireworks afterwards. Robby took Hendrix to meet my mom for her to watch him all weekend while we got some stuff done.

Such a great view of the City.

Saturday during the day the Hubs and I ran about 8,000 errands. You don't realize just how much longer things take with a child until you run your errands in half the time without one. We picked up Robby a snazzy outfit to wear to a wedding that we had the next day along with pretty much everything that we needed to finish Carson's room up.  Also ran to Sam's Club to pick up food for our bonfire.

It was forcasted to rain all weekend, but I refused to believe that it was going to rain on my long awaited bonfire. Guess what folks...it didn't rain a drop after about 4:00 pm on Saturday. thankfully I had covered our fire pit with a tarp in case it did rain at some point, which it did a little during the day.

Burn Baby Burn
Sunday we basically laid around the house all day because I wasn't feeling well. I was having occasional contractions with lots of pressure. Robby did work on installing Carson's closet organizer. Later in the evening we headed to my friend Anna's wedding, which you can read about HERE.

Robby & I
Maria & I
Monday we slept in....til 930. Then we headed to meet my mom to pick up Hendrix from her. He was a cranky little boy because he is cutting at least 4 maybe 5 teeth right now. He refused to take an afternoon nap so we just let him run around in his diaper (kid loves to be naked), while we worked on organizing Carson's room to access what we still needed to pick up in the next 12 weeks.
Hendrix is such a helper.

Such a wonderful productive long weekend. Have a great week!!!!

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