Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Getaway-Cincinnati

This weekend we headed to Cincinnati for a little weekend getaway and to celebrate Robby's 26th Birthday.  We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and loved it. There was so much stuff for kids of all ages to do there that you don't even really need to leave the hotel. Hendrix loved the water slides. I also surprised Robby with a cake from Sugar Mamas in Mooresville.
Robby's Hunting cake.

Saturday we headed to the Newport Aquarium. The Aquarium itself was nice, but parking and getting into it was a huge pain. They neglect to mention anywhere on their website that its basically in the middle of a mall area surround by a movie theater, restaurants and shops. The parking garage is underneath all of this, which is fine except the website acts like the aquarium has its own individual parking garage. We finally figured it out.
He enjoys poking Robby's eyeballs out.


Sunday we let Hendrix swim some more before we checked out. Then we stopped at Bass Pro Shop on our way back to Indy.
This is actually a bridge in between these two four story "tree houses", but I was zoomed in.
He's not a huge fan of shoes, although he did start the day with shoes on.

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