Monday, October 29, 2012

17 Months

So glad this kid finally figured out how to help pick up his toys.  If he just picks up 10% of them I would be happy. 

Right now he is in the process of transitioning into one long nap instead of two. The only problem with this is he is ready for a nap by like 11 with no morning nap and then will sleep till almost 3 and miss out on lunch. This isn't terrible because we eat dinner about 5 so a snack can usually hold him until its dinner time.  Hopefully he can eventually make it till about noon and then sleep the afternoon away.  He is still going to bed about 7 and waking up at 630.

He is turning into such a toddler!!
Robby raked up some leaves for Hendrix to play in.

Not so sure about the leaves.

Halloween PJ's


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