Monday, October 22, 2012

Carson's Nursery Part IV

We finally finished up her nursery with the exception of closet doors. Our house was built in the early 70's and came with these awful full panel sliding doors that basically come off the track each time you move them. We have already switched out Hendrix's for bi fold doors and now Robby just has to get Carson's made. We have to modify pre-cut ones to fit our closets since our house is older the closet openings aren't a standard measurement.

All the furniture in her room is recycled from when I was a kid or Hendrix's nursery. The crib and changing table combo along with the rocking chair are all from Target and I don't think they carry either anymore. The dresser is mine from when I was a child that my parents bought from an Amish furniture store the chest that goes along with it is in Hendrix's room.
The blankets on the right are actually in a gray tote
that is filled with blankets. I realize it blends
in with the wall.

The picture is of Mount Mckinley in Alaska. My good friend Kate went on an Alaskan cruise and I asked her to bring me back a good picture I could blow up to hang. She did one better and bought a print by a local artist and even had it framed for me. I'm in love with it.

There isn't a spot on the wall its on my actual lens, which I didn't know about
until after I had the pictures uploaded.

I think I mentioned this before but her bedding and curtains are from Land of Nod.

The changing pad cover I made myself with fabric bought from Jo-Anns. The one we were using before was a Boppy brand green minky dot cover that matched Hendrix's room. The opening had elastic around it and over time it just kept getting more and more stretched out, so I decided to make a very tight fitting one with a zipper opening.

The rug I ordered off Zulily.

The ceramic owl is a Scentsy warmer.

The bow holder is off Etsy and I probably could have made this myself with a little help from Robby, but I decided to focus on other things (like the burp cloths).  I purchased some of the bows off Etsy and then decided to teach myself how to make bows to save some money.

The clock and hooks are from Target.

The magazine/book rack I ordered off Decor Steals. This website offers a different household decorating item every day for 50% off or more with flat rate shipping. I've gotten a couple things off this website and have never been disappointed.

Ignore the packed full closet without doors. A lot of that stuff will be taken out of the closet once she's here such as the car seat and my breastfeeding stuff.

Paint colors were previously listed here.

I don't think I missed anything, but if I did and you are curious where it's from just ask!!!  

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