Monday, November 26, 2012

Carson's Birth Story

Carson's birth story really isn't that exciting since I delivered via  a scheduled C-section, but I know some people are very scared of having a c-section so I thought I would throw the story out there for me to look back on and for other people to see its not really as bad as everyone seems to think it is.

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. As soon as I got there I got changed into a hospital gown and started to answer the 8,000 medical questions they have to ask you when you get admitted, along with signing the release forms. Then the nurse tried to get an IV line on me. She took one look at my arm and said that none of my veins were "popping" out at her since I was dehydrated since I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 8:00 pm the night before (this is standard procedure). She called the official "IV Team Nurse" to come get my IV, who was able to get my IV on the first try thankfully. Then they gave me some famotidine and started running some fluids to make sure I was hydrated, which is also standard procedure. Then I had to drink some bicitra, which neutralizes the acid in your stomach so if you do get sick its not as damaging to your esophagus. I'm a puker by nature, which they know so I'm not sure if they make everyone drink this before hand or not. Sadly I still almost puked during my c-section, but thankfully I had a great anesthesiologist who kept me under control.

Ready to go

During this time my mom and Robby were given scrubs to put on so they could go into the operating room. Then I walked down to the OR at about 7:20 am. Once I was in the OR the anesthesiologist came and did my spinal block, which hurt less than getting an epidural although they are pretty much the same thing, just a different medication is infused. After that was going they layed me down and prepped my stomach. Then they put some warm blankets on my arms because not only is the OR freezing but your naked essentially w the exception of you boobs where they have the gown all wadded up. Then they string up a curtain across your chest so you can't see whats happening.

Finally they brought Robby and my mom in before getting started. You can't really feel any pain during the c-section, just some pressure when they pull the baby out. I felt more pressure this time around than with Hendrix because Carson had flipped over and was transverse in my uterus, so I wouldn't of been able to deliver her vaginally even if I went into labor on my own anyway. She immediately started crying which was great since Hendrix wasn't breathing when they pulled him out. The doctor handed her off to the nurses to get her cleaned up, which is over to the side so you can see them working on her while the doctor sews you up. They suctioned her lungs and got her all wiped off and then weighed her. She weighed exactly 8 lbs, but I don't think she looks like an 8lb baby at all. Then they handed her to Robby to hold while until they were done with me.
Proud Papa

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get you all sewed up and then they bring in your bed to transfer you from the operating table to your bed. Once I was situated they handed me Carson so I could hold her while they wheeled me to my room. Overall it takes about an hour from start to finish.
Family of Four Picture

Hendrix checking Carson out.

Crazy how 18 months makes such a huge difference in size.

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