Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's in my hospital bag....

I decided I should probably pack a hospital bag since there is a possibility I could go into labor, before my scheduled c-section.

Stuff for Carson:
 First I got some outfits for Carson to wear in the hospital and coming home. I got three sleepers and one two piece outfit which I will probably bring her home in. Naturally I have matching bows for each outfit.

One of our Aden and Anais swaddling blankets. I love these blankets because of how versatile they are.

Baby q-tips, comb, and fingernail clippers. Hendrix came out with some talons for fingernails and I was very scared to clip them so we tried the mittens, but he kept working them off and ended up scratching his face multiple times until I finally broke down and clipped them. If your too scared to do it yourself the first ask the nurse to help you cause they are more than happy to show you.

From Target
Then I have Carson's baby book so I can fill some things out and have them put her hand and foot prints into.

The hospital pretty much provides everything else you will need while there such as diapers and wipes along with suction bulb.

Stuff for Mom:

I have some breast pads and nipple cream. With Hendrix one of my nipples cracked open and I alternated between breast milk and lanolin cream to soothe it. It healed for the most part within a couple of days, but I don't think that nipple will ever be the same, so hoping that doesn't happen this time around.
 Then I got my cosmetic bag which basically has all my mini shower stuff for myself and Robby. I basically just keep this little bag packed at all times so I can just grab and go with it anytime we are leaving the house for a night. So much nicer than trying to round up your personal items each time.
 Two of my nursing pajamas and some sleep bras. I'll do a post later with the brands of each with pros and cons.
Then I have one nursing tank (black item in top left). Nursing cover, a snugly blanket for Carson and finally my bathroom robe (grey item). I didn't bring a robe last time and I definitely regret it because they are nice to cover up with if you suddenly have visitors and such.

The rest of the stuff I forgot to take a pictures of but I also have regular nursing bras, some comfy clothes(T-shirts & sweat pants), and some granny panties. Its good to get some larger underwear for two reasons if you deliver vaginally then you can stuff ice packs in them and if you have a c-section you don't want anything rubbing up against your incision site.  At my hospital they had these stretchy white boy short underwear for you to wear. I suggest taking a few home with you also.

I will also be grabbing my camera and Ipad along with their chargers.

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