Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Loved his gingerbread peeps.

On Christmas Eve we headed over to my step mom's side of the family to celebrate. We had a great time playing cards and just hanging out with family.
Uncle Tyler and Aunt Annie with Carson

Hendrix and his cousin Layla with my uncle Forest

Opening gifts!!

Hendrix loved laylas new make up table...mainly
because of the lights!!

Great Grandma Sanders and Carson

Great Grandpa Sanders with Carson

Hendrix and Uncle Tyler

About to

Great Grandma Sanders and Hendrix

On Christmas day my step mom, my mom and her boyfriend Chuck all came over to our house to watch the kids open their gifts..well really just Hendrix open. I still ended up opening half his gifts because he would get distracted by each new thing he opened. He got a couple of toys and lots of books and movies. Carson mostly received clothes since we didn't buy too much before she was born.

Santa came!!!
Before opening gifts!!

Opening presents with Daddy.

Carson with some of her gifts.

Playing with his new toys.

Right now we are currently getting snowed in by a blizzaed. We are predicted to get 5-10 inches here in Indianapolis, but we have probably already gotten about 5 inches and it only started snowing about 4 hours ago. I'm personally pretty excited to play in the snow and go sledding, since the last couple years we have gotten ZERO snow. Thankful that the snow started right as I was finishing my annual day after Christmas shopping to stock up on wrapping supplies and decorations. I got so much fun stuff for next year!

Keep warm Indy!!!

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