Monday, December 3, 2012

Mom & Mom-to-be Favorites not to be confused with Oprah's Favorite Things....

....mainly because I won't be giving any of these things away. A couple of people have asked about some of the products that I use so instead of writing individual responses I'm grouping them all together.

1) Pregnancy Book
 Probably my favorite reference book is What to Expect when Expecting. Although I do prefer their free  Iphone app (not sure if this is available on droid) . Each day there is a new little tidbit that you can read along with a weekly growth section. It also tells you the estimate of the baby's weight and compares it to a food item. I bought the book before I had Hendrix and read a good portion of it, but I haven't looked at it since mainly because I just look at the app.

2) Nursing Bras
My favorite nursing bra right now is from La Leche League. I got my first one from Zulily (more about this website later on) and then I bought more from Amazon. Here is the style of sleep bra I have and love. The other style I have is wireless because I really hate wearing a bra and this makes it a little less painful. I also have some nursing bras and sleep bras from Motherhood Maternity, which are OK but not nearly as comfortable. I found the sleep bras stretch out a lot after wearing for just an hour or two, which results in your boobs falling out while sleeping and leaking milk everywhere (because the nursing pads will still be inside your sleep bra). I would definitely suggest going with the tighter fit size if you are in between two sizes. Also you may not have this problem if you have smaller boobs.

3) Nursing Pajamas
I shopped around a lot for nursing pajamas this time around because I never purchased any with Hendrix. Not many people around to watch you lift up your shirt in the middle of the night so I wouldn't say they are a necessity. Although they are nice to have especially while in the hospital. They are especially great if you know you are having a C-section since you don't really want anything rubbing along your incision site. I got two different styles from Motherhood Maternity. I prefer this one because the chest area doesn't gap much and I could probably get away with not wearing a sleep bra, which is not the case with my other one. There are better and more expensive ones out there, but since I consider this a luxury and not a must have I was looking for a cheaper option.

4) Nursing Tank
I love this nursing tank by Undercover Mama. Most nursing shirts are also maternity shirts, which is fine for right after you have your baby, but if you are nursing long term you are probably tired of wearing your maternity clothes and want to get back into your regular clothes. Well this tank solves that problem because you wear it just like any other tank top and can throw a regular shirt over top it. Then you can still nurse in public discreetly.  I bought mine off Amazon so I wouldn't have to pay shipping FYI.

Undercover Mama

I love this website. They offer new deals daily starting at noon. The deals range from kids clothes and toys to maternity clothes and household items. They even have non maternity clothes so really anyone can sign up to get the daily deal emails. All the deals last for a couple of days and they add multiple deals each day. I've boughten several items such as the rug for Carson's room and nursing bras. I've never been disappointed either.

6) Fenugreek 
With Hendrix it took almost a good week before my breast milk came in since I ended up having a c-section. Clearly not ideal, but I was determined. I actually ended up drinking a beer (don't even think I finished it though) after reading several suggestions online and within an hour my milk had come in. Maybe it was coincidence, but I think not. Supposedly something to do with the wheat in beer helps milk production...who really knows. This time around I didn't want to have to put myself through that especially after having some nipple trauma (don't ask it was terrible) so I did more research and talked to some friends who all recommended Fenugreek. I looked at Walgreens and couldn't find it so I just ordered it off Amazon. It basically supposed to increase your supply not necessarily help your milk come in.  I took it 24 hours after I had Carson and my milk came in the next morning (48 hours after I had her).

7) Nursing/Lactation App
I use the Babynursing App on the iPhone. It's free and keeps track of which side you last nursed on and for how long. It also shows your average nursing time and keeps track of the baby's weight along with some other stats you can enter.

I also like the app LactMed  because you can type in any medication you are considering taking and it will tell you if its safe while breastfeeding. It gives you tons of other facts on the medication too. It will also suggest other medications you can try if the drug you searched isn't safe while breastfeeding.

I probably have about 8,000 other products I'm dedicated to, but I'll stop

*This is not a sponsored post and I was not reimbursed or gifted any of these items (although I do like free stuff). The above is based on my opinion alone.

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