Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

What a great weekend!?!

Carson & I before dinner
Friday night Robby, Carson and I had dinner with my friend Kate and her boyfriend John at Bazbeaux on Mass Ave. My mom watched Hendrix for us since he goes to bed to so early.

Hendrix & Carson in their matching onsies.

Saturday I was able to run out and get a pedicure in between feedings. Then Saturday afternoon we headed over to my friend Sarah's house to decorate Christmas cookies and make gingerbread houses. Hendrix and Niklas basically ate their weight in candy and Hendrix actually ate part of a gingerbread house. While Lukas, Sarah and I decorated houses.

Niklas going to town on some icing.

My gingerbread house
Sunday we lounged around the house and started watching The Walking Dead series on Netflix. Along with watching part of the Colts game before we went and had our family Christmas pictures taken. 

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