Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY-Fabric Bow Tie

I decided I wanted to make Hendrix a bow tie for Valentines day. So I checked out pinterest to try and find a good DIY. I came up empty handed for the most part because most involved using a sewing machine(I was being lazy and didn't want to drag mine out), so I decided to google it instead to see if I could find a YouTube video or something along those lines. I found this blog instead, which contains decent instructions. 

I took some pictures of mine along the way that may show the steps a little better. I think the pictures are a lot easier to understand then trying to describe the steps so here they are.

1. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric. The bigger the piece
the bigger your bow. So you make have to experiment
with exactly how big a piece of fabric you should start with.
Mine was 13 inches long and about 9 inches tall.

2. Fold the top and the bottom a 1/4 of the way towards in.
This is about 2 inches on mine.

3. Then fold the top and bottom in again to meet in the middle.
I'm holding the top part and folding it in half to meet the
bottom half in the middle.
This part is kinda difficult to see, but basically you are forming
a nice clean no sew edge.

Another picture of the step above. You can see here the
fabric has been folded in twice.

4. Now you are going to fold both the left and
right end in to overlap in the middle.

My left side is overlapping my right side here.

5. I forget to take a picture of this next step...
Cut a small strip of fabric that you will be using to
go around the center of your bow. It really only needs
to be about 3 inches wide and 4 inches long to begin.
You are going to repeat the same folding technique
 above to get the no sew edge. After I folded mine
I ironed it to help make it the edges crisp.

6. Then flip the fabric over so the overlapping edges is
in the back. Then you are going to form there humps
to give the bow a nice shape. I think this is the hard part.

7. Then wrap your small strip of fabric around the center and tight as possible.
Then sew across the back of the strip and cut the excess fabric off.
Then I would run a few stitches on the back side through the center piece
to secure it to the bow itself or you can just use some hot glue.

8. Now you can attach your bow tie to some ribbon or elastic. I actually took
another longer strip of fabric and repeated the folding process to create a strap like
the center piece except longer and then ran some elastic through the center of it
before attaching the bow tie.

I would definitely suggest experimenting with different sizes of fabric to get what you want because you can also use this same technique to make smaller bows for your hair and attach them to clips.

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