Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hendrix-20 Months

Such a joker

Where do I begin with this child...He is always rambling on about something, now whether your going to understand it or not is hit or miss. He talks pretty fast like his momma.

 I think my favorite thing he does right now is he will hide is sippy cup somewhere in the living room and then I'll ask him "where's your milk?" and he will pretend he doesn't know where its at. Then all of sudden he will run right to where he hide it. Cracks me up every time. He also really likes to take Carson's socks off and then try and put them back on.

Also I love when he says bless you anytime someone sneezes.

He has gone #2 a couple of times in the toilet. We haven't really been trying to potty train him because I don't think he's ready, but we do sit him on the toilet at least once a day so he will get the gist of it eventually.

Heres some pictures from this past month:

Hendrix with Molly

Hendrix in a hat I bought on clearance for next winter.

Working so hard on using silverware.

He likes to pretend everything is a phone.

About to give his sissy a kiss.

He was checking out his male

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