Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday night Hubs and I rented the movie 10 Years. It really wasn't what I was expecting, but I think I had high hopes for it since Chris Pratt was in and I love him on Parks & Rec. Let's just say it really didn't have a plot...

Hendrix giving his sissy kisses.

He thinks he has to be super close to you
when you are taking his picture.
Saturday I went to see Jersey Boys at Murat theater with my mom and one of her long time friends. I LOVED it and I think it just surpassed Wicked as my favorite musical.  I would highly suggest going to see it while it's in town. Afterwards we headed to dinner at Weber Grill. I had never been before and I thought it was pretty good. They have this delicious pretzel bread that is served with cheese spread. After dinner I headed home to watch the NFL games with the hubs.

Miss Chubby Cheeks
Sunday we went out to breakfast after we did our first weekly weigh in because Hubs and I are doing weight watchers.  After we ran some errands we took Hendrix to JR Funnigan's, which is an indoor bounce house place.  Then we spent the rest of the day watching the football games .

Finally getting the gist of using a fork.

But he still uses his hand to help get the food in there....

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