Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hendrix-21 Months

Hendrix finally knows all his facial parts after me trying to teach him them for what seems like forever, but hey better late than never. We have been working on saying good night and I love you. He can say love and night, night. He is also pooping in the toilet about 25% of the time. Every time he does we give him a peep, which is one of his favorites candies.
Ignore the 80,000 bows in the background.
We do the monthly pictures in Carson's room on the changing table.

He is becoming  such a good big brother also. If Carson starts to cry he runs over and tries to give her the pacifier. He also tries to wipe her face with a burp cloth because he see us doing it. 

He also enjoys weighing himself probably because he sees Robby and I do it frequently since we are doing weight watchers. Right now he weighs a little over 32lbs. Still rocking some chunky baby thighs which I love and still hates wearing pants. I have a feeling his just going to spend all summer in a diaper since he also hates wearing shoes.

I think I'm finally going to give in and move him up to size 6 diapers since the 5's are getting a little tight. He already wears size 6 overnight diapers and they fit great. We have always sized up for overnight diapers and have far less leaks this way.

Here are some pictures from the past month:

Always giving kisses.