Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pumping...Lots & Lots of Pumping for this Working Momma

Oh breastfeeding where do I begin...First off I don't think it's for the weak and if it were easy I think everyone would do it. Don't get me wrong it does get easier, but the first couple weeks can be rough.

I think my main concern is always my supply. I'm constantly worrying if I'm pumping enough and ways to keep my supply up. I mentioned before I started taking Fenugreek to help my milk come in. I continued to take it daily, which I think has helped immensely with my supply. Honestly the capsules are disgusting, but hey I can suck it up once a day. They smell and taste like maple syrup, which is conveniently the one food I don't like. Takes a lot of will power to swallow those pills everyday not going to lie.

Typically when I'm at home I nurse Carson on one side and then pump the other and I usually get out about 2 ounces. I used to only get about 1 ounce before I started to take the Fenugreek on a daily basis (It was hit or miss if I could force myself to swallow the capsules). So I definitely think they help. I started pumping like this when she was about 4 weeks old to try and stockpile some frozen milk before I went back to work when she was 9 weeks.

Right before I went back to work I started to worry even more about keeping my supply up. I work 10 hour shifts (so I can be at home more with the kids) so I would have to pump 3-4 times per shift..so the search was one for other ways to keep my supply up.

I  found these Milkmakers cookies online that received really good reviews for increasing your supply. I'm sure I could of found a recipe to actually make them myself on pinterest, but I was pressed for time.  They actually worked and helped me get an extra ounce out per side, so I think  I'm going to make these at home since they weren't cheap to buy. I got a recipe from someone else who has already made them and I'm hoping they taste similar because the cookies I ordered were actaully pretty good.

Another thing I invested in was a good hands free pumping bra. I decided to go with the signature one made by Simple Wishes. It came with some free milk storage bags also so that was a plus. A lot of times I'm working in a private office which allows me to work while I pump so this comes in handy. It also has a good hold on the bottles and I don't feel like they are going to fall off or spill. The bags that came with my pumping bra were pretty nice, but my favorite milk storage bags by far are the Lansinoh brand. I like the little pour spout shape of the bag the most I think and the double seal is great.

This is my second week back to work and so far things are going pretty good...not to jinx myself or anything.

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