Monday, February 25, 2013

Rough Week Indeed.

So in the past week Hendrix has:

1) Shoved a pea up his nose.

2) Gotten 2 black eyes from 2 separate occasions.

3) Thrown poop all over his room promptly after waking up from a nap. Yes I admit my kid throws his poop. Typically we make him wear a onsie under everything, but we only have so many onsies. Still trying to figure out what to do when he grows out of his 24 month onsies we are still squeezing him into.

4) Ripped the handle off our newish TV cabinet. Can't figure out how to undo the child safety latch why not just rip off the entire latch.

5) Vomited large chunks all over his room. Pretty sure he is not sick because he was all smiles and ready to chow down afterwards.

Seriously parenting this child is probably what parenting books are written about it. I fully believe he does things just to get a rise out of me. For example if I'm bending over doing something he will run up behind and try to push me over. Or pull my hair when my back is turned. Don't even get me started on his stubbornness, which he gets honestly.

Sadly even after all the stuff he has done just in the past 6 days I still want more kids. So that must mean I'm capable of handling 3 maybe even 4 kids...right.

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