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DIY-Monogram Letter Wreath with Felt Flowers

Finished wreath

I decided I wanted a wreath that I could leave up for a while versus just a wreath for Easter. I perused Pinterest for some cute spring ideas. I found some super cute burlap letters that I decided to mimic and add my own touch to.

I choose to use jute instead of burlap though because I thought it would be easier..little did I know. It wasn't difficult, but just took longer than I expected to wrap the letter.

Materials: (all purchased from Jo-anns)
Cardboard Letter-$4.49
Felt-$0.34 for each piece and I bought 5 colors to work with.
Hot glue gun
Ribbon or some type of wire to use as a hanger
Needle and thread for the felt flowers

1) First cut a long piece of jute. Exact length doesn't really matter because you can easily add another piece once the current piece runs out. Hot glue the end of your string on the back side of your letter and I would suggest to always start and stop a new piece on the back. Where you will start will really depend on your letter. You should probably make a game plan ahead of time of what order you will cover your letter in. Every so often hot glue the jute down. I alternated putting it on the back and the front to make sure the jute was secure.
I started in the center and intended to work my way around and then down.
 2) The rounded corners are the trickiest part. You kinda have to bunch up the jute on the inside and then keep the jute side by side on the outside. After awhile you wont be able to keep doing that though or it will be really bulky on the inside. So I took my jute and made it horizontal again and then wound it around a few times. Then I went back and filled in the area that got left uncovered with smaller cut pieces of jute.
Before adding the filler pieces

I added the filler pieces on the front of the letter.

Pulling the filler pieces down to cover the side.

After the filler pieces have been glued to the back side of the letter.
3) I continued to wrap the jute all the way around the curve of my letter. I decided I wanted my jute to all be going the up and down unlike my original plan of just wrapping the stem of the letter. I then took another piece of jute and wrapped in the center of the "P" to cover the stem.

Almost to the stem of the letter.
Wrapped around the stem on the center of the "P"
4) Next I took small pieces of jute and glued them to the side of the stem. Then I wrapped them onto both sides of the P. These don't have to be perfect because you will end up going back over this when you cover it with the jute going up and down.

Wrapping the little side pieces to the front and back.

Front of "P"

Side of "P"

Back of "P"
5) Then I wrapped the bottom stem of the "P"

Bottom stem is wrapped.
6) Now you can take another piece of jute and start wrapping the stem of the letter from top to bottom so then the entire letter should be covered.

The entire letter is covered and the majority of the jute is going
in the same direction.

side of the stem

7) Now you can add whatever embellishments you want to or leave it plain. I decided to add felt flowers to mine. To make the felt flowers you will need 4-6 circles of the same size and then a smaller circle to attach them to. I used 5 circles for my flowers, but it depends on how full you want the flowers to be and the type of felt you are using. I used a lid to bubbles for the smaller circle and a lid to play-doh for the larger circles. They were the quickest stencils I could find.  The bigger the circles the larger your flowers will be.

Traced circles

Larger circles and smaller circle.

8) Now take one of your larger circles and fold it in half. Then kinda make an "S" shape out of it. Grab you needle and thread to attach the petal to the small circle. You will be attaching the petal by the tip so the remaining portion of the circle can pop up and form the petal. Sew through it a couple of times and then add the remaining circle petals.
Circle folded in half.
Making the "S" shape

"S" shape scrunched to sew it to the small circle
Attaching the first circle petal.

From the side

After five large circle petals are attached.

9) After you have made all your flower embellishments plan out where you want them to be on your wreath before attaching them. Then hot glue them down where you want them.

Planning where my flowers will go.

After attaching the felt flowers.

 10) Finally add your ribbon or wire to hang you wreath from. I used some grosgrain ribbon I had on hand, but I think if I had to do it over again I would of used ribbon with wired edges so I could of created a fancy bow.

Ribbon attached to the back.

Finished product!!!

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