Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hendrix-22 Months

Only 2 short months until this little guy will be 2..I guess I should accept this and start planning his birthday part(which will be very down sized compared to last year). Pretty sure we are doing a Cars/Race car theme since his birthday is on memorial day weekend, which is when the Indy 500 is. Also I think we are going to try and have it inside somewhere because last year we had a cookout and it was sweltering.

Still talking up a storm, still only understanding about 25% of it. He will repeat just about anything you ask him it's just a matter of whether its going to be pronounced correctly.  He is so ready for spring and to be able to play outside.

Officially in 2T sometimes 3T shirts and still squeezing in 24 months pants. We have some 2T pants I bought for next winter, but they are way too long right now.

He broke one of our metal baby gates this past week. Hubs is going to try and weld though at work..seriously how does a 2 year old break a metal gate. He knows how to open  them anyway, but it takes him a couple of minutes so they still help in corralling him. Plus we use them for Molly our dog too.

I have been trying to get Hendrix to say fingers and toes since he knows all his facial parts now. He will point to them but always calls them cookies. He also calls chicken cookies. One day...

Here are some pictures from this past month:
Went a little crazy with the strawberry jam.

Wearing on of my UA headbands

Throwing one of his many fits.

Hanging out in his toy tub.

Playing at the park.

Hubs took this video of Hendrix before bed with his "telephones"
 Those are actually foam bath letters. Last night He was using
his "I" phone.
Somebody needs a haircut...I bought this 3T for him to wear
next season, but it fits now.
Pjs and snow boots at target. Wasn't worth the argument

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