Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patricks Day 2013

First off lets compare St. Patricks day last year to this year. For starters my hostas and gladiolus were popping up..this year there is practically snow on the ground still. Global warming at its best since it was above 80 degrees on more than once occasion last March. Not to mention Hendrix was just a chunky 9 month year old eating my houseplants which resulted in a call to poison control (this kid has been out of control since day 1).
Clearly somebody was over the photos, but if he would just sit still
the first time then it would be over in 5 seconds.

Today we headed over to my friends Sarah's house to dye Easter eggs with all the kids. We are going on vacation with them this fall. We decided on what the kids are going to be for Halloween so now I gotta keep an eye out for costumes!!

Painting Eggs

Scratched her face while she was napping :(

Nik and Lukas coloring their eggs

Lukas wrote his name

Lukas took Carson's sock and made a puppet out of it.
His show was hilarious
I got this picture at just the right angle because it looks
like Carson has a sock mustache.

Niklas, Hendrix, Carson and Lukas

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