Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-Real World Portland starts soon....yea I'm still addicted to this show, although I do prefer the challenges(Team Kenny). I applied to be on Real World Key West and was super close to making it on the show. I wasn't 21 yet so I'm going to assume that's why they didn't pick me ;)

-One my techs was complaining how she really wanted to eat clean for a month, but wanted someone to do it with her. So naturally I volunteered myself...without doing any prior research I might add. I told my Hubs about it and he just blew me off.. Guess he is in for a huge surprise come April 1st because I'm not cooking two separate meals so he's eating clean by default. Ain't nobody got time for that.

-I'm road tripping it to Lexington today for the Butler game. I intend to spend the entire car ride sleeping since I worked last night and work again tonight. They better win to make my lack of sleep worth it.

-Clearly that ground hog lied. Yesterday was the first day of spring and it's still freezing here!!

-I was switching wallets last night and realized several of my cards were missing including my ID and insurance cards. I immediately panicked and started searching the house because Hendrix likes to hide things. I remembered on Monday that I had taught him to throw stuff in the trashcan thinking that it would be helpful. He had tried to throw Carson's empty bottle away because it was "all gone.". Let's just say Hubs had to dig through several bags of trash to find my cards that were "all gone."


  1. My son went through a trashing phase. Takes after his mom. I actually once threw away my original birth certificate & citizenship papers (military brat, born overseas). Also I once went to the ATM, got cash, and threw out the money and my wallet (fortunately by the time I figured it out it was still in the trash!).


  2. OMG you were really almost on the Real World? How fun!

    I threw away my social security card once. Or something happened to that thing. I didn't replace it for YEARS. Until I got married and changed my name actually. LOL. It was a mess.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. Yup I sent them a video and they liked it. They did a little phone interviewed me and then I got a face to face up in Chicago. I was only 18 so pretty sure that's why they didn't pick me....but whatever I would of been an awesome cast mate. I really just want to be 30 years old still doing