Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY-Cedar Planter Boxes

I wanted more places to plant flowers and veggies, but between the kids and dog its hard to have them just growing in pots. Last year  Hendrix pretty much picked all the flowers off every plant we had in our back porch flower pots.  So I had Hubs build me some cedar boxes to hang on the fence.

Basically we bought two cedar 12 foot long 1x8 and then one 8 foot long 1x8.  Each 12 foot piece will become the 3 sides of the boxes and then the 8 foot piece will be cut to create the ends of each box.  We used cedar so we wouldn't have to stain or seal them because bugs don't like cedar.

Hendrix "helping"

12 foot board cut into three 4 foot pieces.

Bottom view of the planter box.

Top view of the planter box.
End view of the planter box.
Hanging them on our fence.

Hung up.

Planting some onions.

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    1. Thanks I told him today I want two more.

  2. What a great idea! Much more affordable than the store bought ones as well! I may have to give this a try ;) Thanks for sharing!