Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cleaning Glass Candle Jars

Used up candles.
Excuse all the photo bombs....Hendrix was "Helping"
I love the 3 wick candles from bath and body works. I bought like 15 one day during the holidays because they were $8 each. I gave most of them away as presents, but of course I kept some for myself and yesterday I realized I had several empty or near empty candle jars. I already knew how to clean candle jars out, but I needed some ideas as to what to do with them so naturally I perused pinterest to come up with some ways to use them before I put any work in cleaning them out.

I'll go through how to clean them out just in case people don't know how. First you need to throw them in the freezer. I leave mine in for a couple hours. The wax will pull away from the glass and it will break easier. I just use a butter knife and stab the wax a couple of times and it always comes out in big chunks.

After you have the wax out you can use baby oil to help remove the stickers and get rid of the waxy residue inside the candle. I think you can use vinegar if you don't have baby oil.

Working on removing the bottom sticker
Mine were perfectly cleaned out after I did this and ready to decorate. This is so easy to do. It maybe takes 5 minutes to clean them out after you freeze them and I have discovered lots of uses for them.

All clean.


  1. Thank you for this I have a cute candle jar that I would love to use but had no idea how to get this stuff out while not making a super wax mess on the inside.

    Kim from TeXas

    1. They are so easy to clean out!!. The trick is freezing them first. I've cleaned out like 10 jars now and have been using them for all sorts of things.