Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Decorating Glass Candle Jars

I decided to decorate my newly clean recycled candle jars three different ways since they were going into three separate rooms. I explained how to clean out candle jars here.

The first one I decided to put in Carson's room to put baby Q-tips in. I was going to mod podge tissue paper on it, but I didn't have any good colors to match her room, so I decided to use fabric instead.

All you need to do is cut a scrap of fabric to fit around the jar.
Then add some mod podge to the glass jar and then cover it with fabric. Once you have the fabric mod podged on then go over the top of the fabric with more mod podge. Make you have the edges of the fabric sealed good. The jar lid easily fits over the fabric so you don't have to worry about leaving space to attach the lid.

Adding the mod podge a little at time.

Place on wax paper to mod podge over the top of the fabric.

Make sure to get the edges.

The second jar I decided to just decorate with washi tape for now. Best part about washi tape is its easy to remove!! This one is going in the bathroom with cotton balls in it.

The third one I wanted to use to store lip gloss and/or nail polish in.  I had tons of left over jute from making this wreath, so I decided to wrap jute around it. I glued the entire bottom row with hot glue and then after that I just added a drop of glue every so often as I was wrapping the jute around the jar. If you are planning on putting the lid back on then you have to leave a little space at the top because the lid can't fit over the jute.

With space left for the lid.

I'm sure I can find tons more uses for these jars since I have a couple more to clean out. Make up brushes, pens/pencils, hair ties, and the list goes on.

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