Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Recap

In their cute shirts.

Saturday morning we headed down to southern Indiana for Easter weekend with my family. Hendrix participated in an egg hunt at church in the morning. He got a lot of eggs, but He kept putting a lot of them in other kids baskets. So he probably ended up with maybe half of what he actually found, which is fine because he really doesn't need all that stuff anyway. He was already on track to get 3 Easter baskets.
Ready to hunt some eggs

Trying to get him to put his eggs in his own basket.

He also kept trying to open them.
The rest of the day we just hung out at my grandma's and played outside since it was so nice. In the evening Robby and I went on a little movie date and saw The Host.

Sunday morning we went to church and had breakfast before service. Afterwards we headed back to my grandmas for lunch and Easter festivities before heading home. 
Amazed at his basket.

Opening his eggs. Most had socks or bouncy balls in them
since he already ate most of his candy.

My cousin Kayla with Carson.

Eating his peeps on a stick.

Waiting on Nana to open some candy.

Little stud muffin.

Carson is wearing my Easter dress.
We were both born in November so it matches up perfect.
Don't worry we have an even better one for next year.

I can't get this picture to re-size but its the best one I got of both of them dressed up.

My cousin Kendra and Carson.

My cousin Kristina and Carson.

Watching Hendrix open the stuff in her Easter basket.

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