Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

1) I have successfully "killed" this plant three times. I was about to throw it out and I noticed there was some green sprouts coming back in. This plant must have 9 lives.

2) Carson and I

3) Hendrix was showing the toys.

4) He will only swing on his stomach...such a stubborn child.
5) Found out Hendrix can climb into Carson's crib since the mattress is higher up than his.

6) There are no words for this picture. Hendrix wasn't even supposed to be in the picture and he wormed his way into it.

7) Just Hendrix.

8) We had a picnic at the park. Hendrix insisted on sitting a child sized picnic table needless to say Robby and I didn't really fit.

9) We went on a nature hike this week and Hendrix loved the rope bridge that essentially has no sides.
10) Driving an Indy car.
11) Just Carson. For some reason I didn't take very many pictures of her this week.
12) Spaghettis night..enough said.


  1. Stopping by from iPhone dump link up! Your kids are absolutely adorable!

  2. Love all these! Why hasn't it been warm enough here for anything fun like the nature walk? It was nice yesterday, but then we had a monsoon!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom