Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

1) This is officially my new favorite picture. Yup I like to laugh at him too Carson because throwing fits is stupid.

2) See those little green leaves..this plant will not DIE.

3) Chunky Hendrix.

4) Seriously Hendrix you really need to get with the weekend sleep in program cause so far you are the only one not on board with it. You mom decided to go out for the first time in forever and didn't get home until 230 so getting woken up at 630 was totally not cool.

5) He finally figure out how to climb up the ladders at the playground.

6) Finally found a baby food little Miss will apples. Only the best of the best for this one.

7) Getting ready to take her 5 month pictures.

8) She was so focused on the computer she wouldn't even look at me.


  1. I LOVE the crying picture! Those pictures crack me up, especially when they are of kids on Santa's lap or the Easter Bunny.

    There is a hilarious website called "Reasons my Son is Crying" that is full of hilarious pictures. Here it is if you haven't seen it:

    1. I'lll have to check the website out. I have never heard of it. Thanks!!

  2. Reasons my son is crying is soooooo funny! Love the bow :-)

  3. So weird that I had a pic this week of my little girl doing the ladder at the park for the first time, and my almost 5 month old eating some first solids. I love this link up!
    -Corey from

    1. I know I saw that. My son could go to the park every day for hours. He is obsessed.