Saturday, April 6, 2013

Garage Landscaping Part 1

Since I lost all my previous home renovation posts I feel like I need to re-write them all just to show how far our house has come since we bought it 5 years ago. But I'm still bitter that they are lost in Internet space and don't have time to re-post everything. Maybe I'll do some before and after photos though.

Here is a before picture of the area that is beside our garage. Basically a huge gravel area with tons of weeds growing in it and over sized bushes separating the area between our house and our neighbors. If I would of know how much I would end up hating our neighbors then maybe I would of left those stupid bushes there.

Also I can't believe I lived with those bushes for 2 plus years. We bought the house in April 2008 and according to the date on the photos we didn't do something about them until august 2010. I was focused on school..give me a break.

This is also before we ripped this entire fence out and put up a
privacy fence. The previous fence was made of 3 different types...
chain link, picket, and privacy fence panels.

Peace out bushes
So after we pulled out those huge bushes we really didn't do much with that area. We kept it mowed down, but we focused on things inside the house since shortly afterwards we found out I was pregnant with Hendrix.

Gravel and weeds.
Molly decided to photo bomb.

No more gravel.

Truck loaded down with all the gravel.
Hubs went and dumped it all in his friends sinkhole.

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