Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garage Landscaping Part II

Ignore the random stuff just hanging out in the flower bed.

Hubs finally got the majority of the rock raked up and hauled away on the side of the garage. The landscaping blocks we bought were on sale at Menards for $0.99 a block (regular $1.28) in quarry gray. We bought 70 blocks to be safe, but ended up only using 47 blocks.  The caps were $1.49 and we used 25 of those. 

We also bought 12 patio blocks to make a pathway from the driveway through our gate back to our deck. They were also on sale for $0.99 regularly $1.28. We used leveling sand underneath all the blocks to help even up the ground since there was still some gravel left over. The edgers we used between the gravel walkway and grass were on sale for $0.79 and used 22 of those.

The rock we got from a local mulch company and paid $5.00 for all of it. I never realized how cheap river rock was. Also I will post more pictures once we plant actual plants and the grass is growing.  Right now everything is still a muddy mess since its been raining like crazy.

Hubs used our hot dog sticks stuck in the ground to hold the sting to make
sure the blocks were straight.

Almost done with the first row of blocks.

 Almost done with the flower bed retaining wall.


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