Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Target Easter Clearance Haul Part II

So I said I was done on Sunday, but then I decided to hit up 1 more Target for 90% off Easter clearance because it was raining and we couldn't play outside. 1 more Target then turned into 3 more.

Socks-$0.39 (90%)
Cars Blaster Gun-$0.50 (90%)
Pirate Cameras-$0.50 (90%)

 Sippy Cup-$0.49 (90%) So glad I found another one these so now each of the kids can have one.
Goldfish-$0.29 (70%) Clearly some little boy wanted to eat those goldfish NOW.

 Boy Lego Packs-$0.39 (90%) I finally found some boy legos!!

Bunny Headband-$0.50
Barbie Pom Poms-$0.50
Mickey Matching Game-$0.49 I'm giving one these to a friend.

Snack cups-$0.19 (90%)
Lip Gloss/Nail polish set-$0.39 (90%)

Bubble Packs-$0.29 (90%) These are going to go in gift bags for Hendrix's Birthday.

I swear I'm officially done now. Although if I would of thought about it before now I would of tried to find some small Cars themed buckets to use as goodie bags for Hendrix's birthday next month. I think I'm only going to need five anyway so I'm sure I can find something suitable at the dollar spot.


  1. I haven't had a chance to make it out to the Target Clearance sale yet, but your haul looks great!

    1. Thanks. I think this is best I've ever done, but I also went to a few more stores than normal.