Sunday, April 7, 2013

Target Easter Clearance Haul

I skipped Sunday Social today. The questions were all about pinterest (favorite quote, outfit, etc.) I  use pinterest, but I don't really pin that type of stuff. I typically just do recipes here and there with some DIY items thrown in.

So instead I'm going to post all the goodies I got at Target from their Easter Clearance. This isn't everything I got because I did buy some stuff on Friday when things were still 70%, but I already packed most of that stuff up. Most of this I bought today at 90% off.

 Lip Smacker chapstick/nail polish combo-$1.19 (70%) I will probably end up splitting these up for stocking stuffers or gift bags for Carson's Bday.
 Small Buckets-$.90 (70%) I will use the non Easter ones as gift buckets for birthday parties and the Easter ones next year. I also bought 2 large ones at 70% off but I already put those away.
 Girls Lego packs-$1.19 (70%) I will also use these in Birthday goodie bags. I only scored one boy set(no picture), which will end up in Hendrix's stocking at some point.
 Place mats-$0.19 (90%) They had tons of these left, but I only bought 4.
 Bunny Marshmallows-$0.64 (50%) Food items are only 50% off. I don't think they ever get more than that either.
Eggs-$0.10 (90%) We are going to host a huge Easter Egg hunt at our house next year. I think all together I bought 300 eggs.

 Sippy Cup-$0.49 (90%) I'm so glad I found one of these bad boys. I also bought one at 50% off because these are the only kind of cups Hendrix will use.
Soft Lips-$0.29 (90%) I got another packet of these at 70% off too.
Treat bags-$0.19 (90%) I'll use these for goodies to give out at Hendrix's school next year.
 Bibs-$0.39 (90%)
 Chalk-$0.29 (90%)
Stuffed bear-$0.29 (90%)
Egg Garland-$0.49 (90%)
Goldfish-$0.99 (50%)
Cheddar Bunnies-$0.50 (50%)

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