Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-I signed up for a 5K color run at the beginning of June with a bunch of my co-workers. I told them I was going to run, walk, jog it with an emphasis on the walking. They all laughed because they thought I was kidding...I'm not. I did come up with a great team name for us though which is "The Drug Runners."

-I just recently got into couponing. I have always used coupons, but I never really did research as to when those items were on sale to get the best possible deal.  I have always been a cheap scape so I figured I should jump on this extreme couponing band wagon.

-I have done more cleaning and organizing in the past 48 hours then I think I have done in the past year and half. I guess that's what happens when you don't have cable.

-Hendrix has figured out how to climb into Carson's crib. Thankfully he has yet to be able to climb out of his own crib since the mattress is as low as it can go.


  1. I told my husband I would run any one 5K with him his year. His pick. I am kinda scared to see what he picks. I could handle a color run, but a mud run? No way!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. We just ran a Digital Run last night...right after my friend that we ran with wanted to sign up for the Color Run...She said they spray you with edible die. Yes Die is what will happen to me while I am running inhaling this edible die. LOL I am sure my Lungs will love dealing with the asthma I have already now lets throw in some stuff in the air while I am running...YIKES...I am going to have to talk her out of this one and just do a good ole clean air run..
    Good luck and I hope you have fun...
    Kim from TeXas