Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

-For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to work 13 shifts in 15 days. Only 10 more to go. I guess it will be worth it when I have 12 days off in a row without using a single day of PTO for Hendrix's birthday.

-While I love watching it rain I'm over the constant monsoon we are having. We need to finish our landscaping along with 80,000 other outside projects....ok Hubs needs to finish it.

-Hendrix figured out how to climb out of his crib and lets be real that kid is definitely not ready for a toddler bed.

-I canceled our cable a little over a week ago and so far it hasn't been so bad. Most things we just watch on Hulu Plus. We got an antenna box so we can still get local channels and watch the news. I was super confused though when we bought the antenna because I was picturing rabbit ears.  
Axis 41706 Flat Amplified Antenna
Antenna Box

Rabbit Ear Antenna


  1. Hi! Visiting from the Thursday Thoughts linkup! I've been wanting to get an antenna so I can watch my shows THAT NIGHT instead of waiting til they show up the next day on Hulu Plus. Is the antenna box hard to install? I didn't know they had antenna boxes, I just knew about rabbit ears. (And good luck with Hendrix climbing out of the crib! Both my boys used to do that!)

  2. My son started climbing out of his bed at about 18 months, and he was definately not ready for a toddler bed, so I got a crib tent. They are basically used to keep pets out of the crib but it worked great to keep him in the tent. After a few days he wouldn't go to sleep until you closed the tent. He thought it was like camping and for me it was comfort in being able to sleep peacefully. Just before he turned 3 he learned how to open the tent and that was the end of that. But he survived in it long enough for me. Something you may want to think about. Found you from Thursday Thoughts link-up

  3. LOL. I felt the same way about the antenna. It's much fancier than back in the day!

    And L started climbing out of his crib when he was maybe 20 months?? I'd find him in the middle of the night SITTING on top of the bars. Kids.

    Thanks for linking up!

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