Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

I skipped Sunday Social again today since it was all about Twitter and well I don't have a Twitter because I'm cool like that. I rarely even update my facebook status, so I feel like it's pointless, but maybe someone can convince me otherwise. I pretty much just post pictures through Instagram.

My mom watched both kids all weekend so Hubs could get some stuff done around the house and work some overtime. It was also my weekend to work so I was either gone or sleeping. This was Carson's first night away from us and she did great. I can't remember at what age Hendrix was away from us but I think he was also about 5 months old.

After dropping the kids off on Friday Hubs and I went to Subway and then to Menards to purchase all the materials we needed to finish the flower bed retaining wall by the garage. We also got some fun little add on things for Hendrix's fort that he loves so much. The fort/playset was given to us by our neighbors for FREE last summer. Hendrix wasn't really old enough to play on it yet so we just set replaced the rotted wood (it's 15 years old) and kinda left it at that. The only thing he used last summer was the baby swing. This summer it's game on though and he freaking loves that thing. We do want to eventually replace the steps because they are kind of awkward since we placed it on top of pavement and the stairs are meant to go into the ground I believe.  We bought new handles, a trapeze bar, and steering wheel so far this summer.  Also Hubs made a rock pit underneath. 

The Fort

I accidentally cut off the trapeze bar on the left.

The rock pit with my shadow photo bombing the picture.
I decided to take a little peek at the onions and radishes we planted last weekend and I was shocked to see the radishes sprouted!! They are supposed to take 22-30 days to grow so ideally after we harvest these we can plant something else in this planter..maybe celery. 

Hubs spent most of his weekend working on the retaining wall. I'll do a full update on this later once it's finished in a couple of days.

Busy weekend as always.

Tomorrow night I'm trying a new pulled pork recipe that calls to soak the pork overnight and then cook in the crook pot all day so it better be delicious since I'm spending like 18 hours on it. I'll post the recipe later this week.

Also on Friday I'm having an Origami Owl Party if anyone wants to order something. They have super cute lockets that you can customize.  When you check out just pick my party (Colie) so I can get credit please.


  1. I love that you are gardening. It is soo fun watching everything grow. We too did not do the twitter sunday link up. I have twitter but it is so time consuming I don't go on it much at all.

    That is so fun you are having an Origami Owl Party...I just joined to be a consultant. My first party is next week. I am hoping to sell some stuff. LOL Let me know how your party goes.
    Kim from

    1. Good luck with your first party. My friend recently signed up and I think I'm her 2nd or 3rd party.