Monday, May 20, 2013

DIY-Fourth of July Wreath

I originally planned on making a wreath for Fourth of July, but it's more of a Celebrate America wreath and I plan on keeping it up from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Foam Wreath form
1/2 yard of Burlap (may need more depending on how big you wreath is)
Red, White, & Blue Fabric Scraps
Small Wooden Letters
Red, White, & Blue Paint

1) Cut your burlap into strips. I did mine about 4 inches across and I used 4 strips of burlap to cover my wreath.

Ignore all that crap in the back ground.

Covering my foam wreath form.

Completely covered

2) Then I used this rolled fabric tutorial to create my fabric flowers. The longer your strip of fabric then the bigger the flower you will make. It also depends on how tightly you roll your flowers also.

Attached my flowers.
3) Then I painted my wooden letters and attached them to my wreath with hot glue.

4) Then I just used a small piece of burlap to create a loop of fabric to hang my wreath by and hung it up.

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