Tuesday, May 21, 2013

DIY-Porch Swing Make Over

I got this porch swing/glider for free. It was actually still in pretty decent shape. Still usable as is, but it could use a little TLC. The fabric did have a couple of holes in it and I didn't like that it was almost the exact same color as our house, but it was FREE so I knew I could make it over into something I would love and I only spent $50 doing it.
It's normally not this dirty, but it had just stormed.

Rustoleum Spray Paint in Desert Bisque
2 yards Outdoor Fabric purchased during a 50% off sale for $9.99/yard at Jo-Anns (Fabric is BHG Bermuda Sea Breeze, but I think its discontinued because I can't find it online anywhere)
Matching Outdoor Thread
Sewing Machine

1) First I  made sure my fabric was indeed large enough. It was hard to take measurements of the fabric while it was still on the swing. I decided not to add that flap of fabric in the front since it was just for looks.

2) Then Hubs and I took the swing apart. So he could spray the Rustoleum onto the frame while I worked on the cushion. It took Hubs about an hour to spray paint and took me about 4 hours to complete the cushion.

It's a shade darker now. Look at the top bar of the swing
and you can see the different because we didn't
paint that part since it is covered by fabric.

3) Spray painting the frame. Make sure you read the directions because originally Hubs didn't and he probably wasted a lot of paint.
Ripping the old fabric off starting from the bottom.

You can see the original seat was sewed on the outside of the
fabric along both sides.

4) Then I ripped off the old fabric carefully because I needed to reuse the pad and the sturdy netting that was part of the original seat. If you didn't want to rip the old fabric off you could probably just sew new fabric over top the old, which I consider but since the old fabric was pretty ripped up I decided to just go ahead and take it off.
Bottom edge of the swing seat complete.
Stitches along the sides on top of the fabric.

5) I don't have  a lot of pictures of the actual sewing part because it was super hard to sew and take pictures at the same time. Plus depending on your swing seat will depend on how you sew the new fabric on it. I sewed along the bottom edge of the swing first in the typical fashion with the wrong sides facing each other so the seam was inside of the seat cushion. Then I tucked my fabric under and sewed on top the fabric so my stitches could be seen along both sides of the cushion. This is how the original seat cushion was originally sewed.
Hand sewn crease to create the separation between
the seat and the back of the swing.

6) I left the top part unsewed for the time being. Hubs helped me put the fabric back on to the swing frame. Then I  hand sewed along the seat of the swing. I couldn't get the cushion through my sewing machine because the cushion was too big, so I had to improvise here which resulted in hand sewing.
Whip stitch along the top for a hidden seam.
Hard to photograph since the canopy is right against
the top of the seat cushion.

7) Then I tucked the top of the fabric under along the top and whipped stitched it by hand along the top so my seam was hidden to finish up the seat cushion.

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