Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

1) Carson and I just hanging out in bed. She also discovered my hair during this little cuddle session.

2) At a co-workers baby shower.

3) Installed these door handle covers to slow Hendrix down. So far he hasn't been able to figure out how to open the doors with them one.

4) Hendrix catching a ride at Lowes. He loved this except he kept trying to jump off while we were moving. Guess he has to get his adrenaline fix somewhere.

5) I really want Carson to be able to sit up. Mainly for picture, but also so her bald spot will grow in. It has already started to grow back, but it keeps getting rubbed off.

6) Just lounging in the sun.

7) I had split some water on our patio table and Hendrix though it was hilarious to slap the water and spray it all over everyone. 

8) Hendrix used to sleep just like this too.

9) We need to replace our patio chairs and I think I'm going to be bold and grab these red ones from Target.

10) I asked for that peacock for Mothers Day for one of my flowerbeds.

11) I finally got a decent picture of all three of us together. 

12) I also asked for this red chair for Mothers Day so I can sit in the baby pool with it this summer since somebody (not to name names) chewed my other one up. 

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