Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump


 1) Working on sitting up.

2) Drooling away.

3) Hendrix looks so grown up here.

4) I had to pull the trigger on the red chairs. I deemed them my mothers day gift to myself. It did take me over 15 minutes to get all of them to fit in my car. At one point I even sat down in one of them in the parking lot to brain storm how to get them all to fit in my car. I even considered going back into
Target and buying bungee straps to attach the large plastic one to my luggage rack.

 5) Shark touch tank at the Zoo.

6) Hendrix is so of the few things he inherited from Hubs. See through skin.

7) Water table time.

8) Carson is finally starting to enjoy baby food.
9) Just checking out the rhinos.
10) Giraffes!!
11) Tired little boy.
12) Riding the train.

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