Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday IPhone Dump

 1) Carson w/ her Sophie. Both my kids have been obsessed with Sophie. 

2)  My friend Ty and I the other night.

3) Hendrix helping me flip the pages during story time. That little light toy in his hand is something he got with the tickets he won at Great Wolf Lodge. He is obsessed with that thing and I must admit it is pretty cool. 

4) Sweaty dirty little boy. 

5) He is loving our porch swing that I refurbished.

6) Filling up his little pool.

7) He had just eaten a Popsicle...except it looked like he was foaming at the mouth.

8) All of a sudden Hendrix is really into coloring, which is so exciting because I love to color. I'm hoping he gets some coloring books this weekend for his birthday.

9) Little Miss

10) Playing with the water table. So glad summer is finally here after being inside all winter.

11) Hendrix and I decided to walk the path at one of the parks by us, but somebody only lasted a 1/2 mile and it wasn't me.

12) This truck is one of his favorite toys. He drags it out of the garage as soon as we get outside.

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