Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Super busy weekend as always, but a productive 3 day weekend. Friday my parents got in to town and we went out for dinner.
City Barbeque

Saturday we had Hendrix's 2nd birthday party.
Sunday we took Hendrix out for breakfast for his birthday. Breakfast is his favorite meal by far.
Then we went over to my aunt's for a cook out followed by family nap time. And yea that nap was much needed. Thankfully the rain held off so Hubs could get the yard mowed.

Hendrix is obsessed with the lawn mower.

Best of many attempts.

Throwing dirt clods.

Carson with cousin Layla
We finally watched This is 40 and loved it. I feel like the majority of the movie applied to us and we are no where near 40.

Monday we ran some errands even though Hendrix was in a terrible mood the whole time and we were those people.
I think this is actually the best picture I got of them.
He is getting ready to give her a kiss.
I love how she laughs when he throws fits.
"Here put your sunglass on sissy"
Looking good.
Ok I've got mine on and you took yours off...
Ruffle butt.
Hubs and I messed around in the garden while the kids napped. We tried to till up the rest of our garden, but the ground was still too wet. Guess that will have to wait till later in the week although we did have a few things to pick.
Monday night we headed to the Indians game. Despite the possibility of rain we decided to chance it. It did sprinkle a little for five minutes early on, but nothing crazy. We ended up leaving in the the 6th inning since Hendrix was getting tired and just as we left the parking lot the sky opened up. Talk about perfect timing. 

Found out he loves cracker jacks.

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